The tool in a nutshell

Discover your impact

Do you know the true value of your action?

Most of us can only explain our action in terms of what it is (i.e. the 'output') and we struggle to explain its value ('impact').

With the Accelerating Action tool, you can discover and articulate the multiple benefits of your action easily.

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Improve your impact

Where most tools go wrong is they only assess impact. The Accelerating Action tool helps you to also improve your impact.

Use the tool to 'build better briefs' to improve your policies, projects or even bid applications in the early concept stages of your action.

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Communicate your impact

Be able to explain the impact of your action between teams of specialists and externally with clients and stakeholders using the Accelerating Action tool's outputs.

Outputs include assessments in pdf format (to show individual assessments) as well as digital databases and spreadsheet exports (to show the collective impact of your actions).

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  • Accessible

    The Accelerating Action tool is perhaps the easiest entry point into the world of sustainability for beginners and even experts.

    We've designed the tool so anyone, from university students to chief sustainability officers, can use it.

  • Accurate (AND fast)

    Most tools are either too slow to be used in practice or so inaccurate they can lead to greenwashing.

    The Accelerating Action tool is designed in such a way that it is both faster AND more accurate than many other alternatives.

  • Affordable

    Sustainability shouldn't be expensive: that's why we've made the tool cheaper than hiring a sustainability consultant.

    The speed and accuracy of the tool also means you or your team spend less time (and money) assessing impact and more time delivering it.

✓ zero risk guarantee ✓ instant set up and access ✓no credit card required ✓ no additional data needed ✓ no prior knowledge in sustainability or the SDGs needed