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Accelerating Action:
The SDG Tag Tool

The SDG Tag Tool was built to be simple.

Use it to assess any action against the SDGs and the SDG Targets: from policy and plans to projects.

The tool is designed to be able to be understood and used by anyone: from national governments, local and city governments, large corporations, SMEs, startups, academic institutions to NGOs, community groups and individuals.

We designed it to be both fast (it can take minutes, not hours or days) without losing accuracy so you spend less time assessing and more time developing, delivering and scaling your actions.

What can the SDG Tag Tool do for you?

Design and deliver more impactful actions

Build better briefs by discovering which SDGs are relevant to your own goals and actions.

Evaluate how your actions have contributed to the sdgs

Find out if the impact of your action is helping to achieve the SDGs.

Communicate your impact to the world

Once you have used the tool, use the results to communicate to others how you are contributing to the SDGs.

Your go-to guide for understanding the sdgs

The tool is a great way to understand the SDGs better and how your actions can help achieve them.

Features included in your package

• Access to the SDG Tag Tool
• Guidance and support to use the tool
• Discover the specific SDG Targets relevant to you
• Build a database of your contributions to the SDGs

SDG Tag your website

Show the world how you're helping to achieve the UN Global Goals.

Our Website Tags show exactly which SDG Targets you are contributing to.

join us in creating a better planet for all of us

To start all we need is for you to tell us what you do. We'll then tell you how the SDG Tag Tool can be most valuable to you and your work.

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